CIO Dallas Summit | Jun 10, 2020 | Digital Event - Real-time Online Conversations,



Scaling Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Usage without Sacrificing Data Security and Compliance

Executive Boardroom - 3:35 pm - 4:00 pm

Analysts claim that 50% of today's public cloud data and workloads will migrate to private clouds in the next two years. But, don't worry about the public cloud behemoths because their average CAGR continues above 20%. However, the result is that cloud data is spreading across multiclouds and increasingly migrating to private clouds that offers the Enterprise more control. This acceleration in lift and shift of workloads creates data security and compliance risks as well as management complexities. In this discussion, we'll share trends and best practices for enabling data portability without compromising security, compliance, and operational efficiencies. 

Take Aways: 

  • Sharing trends seen by analysts and your peers on multicloud adoption and challenges  
  • Discussion of best practices for leveraging native cloud data security services effectively to maintain compliance and control  
  • Methodology for efficiently applying data and access security techniques that allow for secure lift and shift between public and private clouds

Presented by:

Ricardo Torrijos, Senior Director of Sales Engineering, Thales eSecurity, Inc. View details


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Thales eSecurity, Inc. View details